Frequently Asked Questions


Question:  For the Before/After School Program what schools bus to your childcare centre?

Answer: Buses come to our childcare centre from St. Gabriel Lament; Martha Cullimore; Victoria; and John Marshall.


Question:   What age can my child start in your childcare centre?

Answer:   We accept children from 18 months to 12 years old.

Question:  Why choose the Early Learner Program instead of sending my child to Junior/Senior Kindergarten?

Answer: The Early Learners program was designed to prepare children for entering their lifelong journey in the school system by providing smaller class sizes, with individualized attention from the teachers in the classroom. The curriculum used in the program is based on the Ontario School Curriculum that can be found on the Ministry of Education Website:   At the end of the Early Learners II program, most of the children will be reading at a grade one level, and completing mathematics activities at a grade one level as well.