At Stamford Green Day Nursery we offer a variety of resources to both children and their parents.  Each one of our RECE's (Registered Early Childhood Educators), certified teachers (OCT) and staff have been active participants in training with the DISC program, where our staff can refer your child to assistance in community programs and resources, if required. 


            Another resource that we offer here at Stamford Green Day Nursery is the "Jolly Phonics" and "Learn to Read" programs for preschool and kindergarten aged children, to help children develop the knowledge and love of reading. We also incorporate the "Jolly Phonics" program into our preschool-age groups in addition to planning activites to stimulate all areas of physical, emotional, and social development.


            We also can meet the needs of special needs children in our centre, we also provide a variety of support options that can be utilized right here while your child is attending a program at Stamford Green Day Nursery.           

           All staff members have successfully completed our QCCN Phase I (Quality Child Care Niagara Initiative), QCCN Phase II, CATCH Pilot, and are up-to-date with First Aid and CPR techniques.

           A resource that is widely open to all residents of Niagara Falls and Surrounding areas, and that is utilized by our centre is the Early Childhood Community Development Centre (ECCDC) .  The ECCDC offers a variety of programs for parents and their children to pariticipate in year round.

          If subsidy is an option, you can access Niagara Region's website is, as well as gaining access to the OneList WaitList for Childcare.