Stamford Green Day Nursery

Est. 1964

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A School With a Heart

Play Today?

You say you love your children,

And are concerned they learned today?

So am I--that's why I'm providing

A variety of kinds of play.

You're asking me the value

Of blocks and other such play?

Your children are solving problems.

They will use that skill everyday.

You're asking me the value

Of having your children play?

Your daughters creating a tower,

She may be a builder some day.

You're saying you don't want your son

To play in that "sissy" way?

He's learning to cuddle a doll;

He may be a father someday.

You're questioning the interest centres;

They just look like useless play?

You're children are making choices;

They'll be on their own someday.

You're worried your children aren't learning;

And later they'll have to pay?

They're learning a pattern for learning;

For they'll be learners always.

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